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Week Eighty-seven Vote

Voting is divided into three categories:

Interpretation (adaption); Vote based on how well the icon expresses the theme. Consider all of the icon's aspects; image, caption, and creativity.
Special (color); vote based on the skilled manipulation of color and how it lends impact to the theme.
Aesthetic (visual); vote based on the appearance, style, and overall attractiveness of the icon.

Vote for one icon per category. You may nominate any of the icons for any of the placements.
You must label your votes, or they will be discarded (although I will try to inform you in time if there are any voting discrepancies), as follows (you may copy and paste this to make voting easier):


Or in another easily-translatable method (I, S, & A also works well).

Voting Guidelines
-,-{@ You must be a member to vote
-,-{@ You may not vote for yourself
-,-{@ You may vote the same icon for multiple placements.
-,-{@ Tactical voting is forbidden (this including use of clone accounts and getting other people to vote for you)

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