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Week Eighty-seven Theme

The theme for week eighty-seven is Wedding.

You may submit two icons so long that they include:

-;-{@ the word wedding or a related synonym.
-;-{@ a phrase that reflects the theme (ex. I do, You May Kiss the Bride, etc.)
-;-{@ imagery that reflects the theme (ex. wedding ceremony, bridal gown, etc.)

Upload your icon to a host that allows direct linking and is not accesible by the public. Include the icon's img src, url, character name, and source. Follow this example.

Character: Princess Aurora
Source: Sleeping Beauty (promo poster)

Submission Rules
-;-{@ You must be a member to participate.
-;-{@ The icon must feature a scene/character from a Disney feature/nonfeature that is on our Approved Sources List.
-;-{@ It must meet LJ requirements (100x100 or less, 40kb maximum, gif/jpg/png format)
-;-{@ Do not use/distribute/advertise your icon anywhere under any circumstances until after results have been posted.
-;-{@ You may not cross-submit your icon to any other icontest before/during its enrollment at Disney Awards

You have until Friday, April 18th to submit.

If you have any questions about the theme or the validity of your entry, leave a comment separately from your submission so that it may be unscreened.

Suggest a theme

And check out disney_rumble an icon contest for Disney movies. . . with a twist.
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Screened comment

Unfortunately, your submission cannot be accepted because it does not clearly convey the theme Wedding. You may edit the icon or resubmit by the deadline (which extend to tomorrow if we do not receive more submissions).
Has there been an extension for this? I just joined.
Yes, its been extended. This post has been edited to reflect that. :D